28 July - 05 August 2017. The Vovousa Mountain Festival celebrates altitude, nature conservation and sustainable development, focusing on photography, video art and cinema. A series of events and workshops for the young and the old have transformed Vovousa into an alternative holiday destination for adventurers and families alike, a rural paradise dominated by mountains and rivers.

Nestled in the Pindus mountains at an altitude of 1000 meters, Vovousa is a traditional logger's village named after the roar of the Aoös river, splitting it right down the middle. Dominated by running waters and virgin forests, Vovousa is the ideal location for a summer festival celebrating the mountains. The beautiful arched bridge, built in 1748, connects the two districts, symbolising the eternal struggle of man to survive through solidarity and communication.

The festival's main program is made up of exhibitions and film screenings, while sidebar events include live performances, workshops, an artist residency, literary readings and more. There are plenty of summer festivals all over the country, but this is the only one dominated by mountains - both literally and metaphorically!


The festival will take place July 28 - August 5, 2017. The Grand Opening is scheduled for July 29, with pre-events at Perivoli village on July 28. Final program will be anounced soon. All events are geared towards both children and adults. Screenings, concepts, lectures and photo exhibitions are free of charge.


Built in the Aöos valley, Vovousa is a small, yet historic village in Eastern Zagori that currently numbers about 70 inhabitants. Vovousa (or Baiassa in Vlach) is located in the centre of the Northern Pindus National Park, on the outskirts of Valia Calda, and forms part of the NATURA 2000 program.

The area boasts outstanding natural beauty, and is inhabited by endangered species such as the brown bear; the Aoös River, whose total length is 260 kilometers, (70 of which are in Greek territory) dominates the area. The journey starts from northern Pindos, formed by the streams of the region.

Further down, the Aoös River reaches Vovousa, whose existence is inextricably linked with the river – it’s quite likely that Vovousa owes its name to the loud roar of the waters that divides Vovousa into two. Shortly before rolling into the Albanian side of the border, the Aoös passes through Konitsa.



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